Warm & Casual:The most popular sweaters in  autumn are here!

Warm & Casual:The most popular sweaters in autumn are here!

Warm & Casual:The most popular sweaters in autumn are here!

        For many people, sweaters are a single product that can bring infinite warmth. On the one hand, the material of the woolen yarn itself has very strong warmth retention and is an indispensable clothing for autumn and winter. On the other hand, we still remember the scene of our mother sitting on the sofa and knitting sweaters for us when we were young. Every time we think about it, we feel very warm.

        The autumn and winter seasons can be said to be a special show of sweaters, whether it is made inside or worn alone, it has an irreplaceable position. Every woman has sweaters in her wardrobe,so today we will talk about sweaters.



       "Wear a suit when you go out and a sweater when you come in." This is a portrayal of British people's real life. But the British sweater is not only part of the wear, but also reflects the multi-faceted nature of the country's historical development. The sweater we are talking about today, its originator is the Allen sweater from the Aran Island in Scotland, and the Guernsey sweater from the Thousand Islands in the United Kingdom. The people who wear these sweaters most are local fishermen, so they are also called "fisherman sweaters." The knitting patterns on the sweaters have their own characteristics. If the fishermen are killed, people can rely on the patterns to identify him.


       Not only common people, but also the British royal family favor sweaters. The Duke of Windsor is the key figure leading the sweater culture in this country. The book "Gentleman's Encyclopedia: Men's Fashion in the Twentieth Century" once commented: "With the power of one person, the light of the British Crown Prince illuminates the entire Isle of Fair in Scotland overseas". In different eras, the British have always insisted on knitting their own sweaters, and this has also promoted people's conceptual changes in sweater design and wearing. During World War II, Queen Elizabeth II's mother organized a large knitting party in Buckingham Palace to unite British women to knit together. At that time, in order to ensure that more people, especially the soldiers on the front line, could wear warm clothes to fight, the whole country was knitting sweaters. Knitting even became an indispensable skill for all British people.


        Sweater is not only a tool to keep warm from the cold, but also an external expression of personal temperament. Firstly, learn to dress in the same color. Because wearing the same color can change the ordinary sweater. In the color matching, the same color can break the monotony of the basic sweater, and at the same time, it can also change the texture of the sweater material. However, the same color is not simply a superposition of colors, but a hierarchy of material and saturation.

        There is also an important point: the sweater is one size bigger and more fashionable. The sweater is to have a relaxed feeling on the body. If it is close to the body, we need to tighten our stomachs all the time, so where does it come from? So you can actually buy your sweaters other than the normal size. Buying a size one can also create fashionable and elegant autumn clothes. Fashion is often born from randomness.

        Secondly, when your sweater is a neutral style, then the bottoms can be feminine. A pair of high heels and a gorgeous half skirt can be a good match. Of course, sweaters and shirts are also essential and basic items in the wardrobe. If you combine the two, it will have an outstanding effect of 1+1>2, which will increase the sense of hierarchy. The lower body is matched with leggings and boots, full of British style. This kind of collocation is the most outdated and suitable for women of all ages.Although other clothes can take the low-key route, sweaters can boldly choose bright colors. The bright colors are on the soft knitted fabric, which is not too bright. Warm sweaters are a must in winter. When we put on sweet colors, our mood will also be infected, which will relax our tight nerves.

        Finally, don't forget to match the necklace and silk scarf. Accessories of various shapes play an embellishment role in clothing collocation. Accessories are the last step to complete dressing and matching, but they are very important. Long necklaces can form a V-cut on the front, and can be used as a good modification when wearing a high-necked or round-necked sweater to make up for the lack of neck lines or face shapes. A simple and elegant silk scarf can also make you look generous and intellectual, thereby enhancing the overall texture of the clothes.

        Dress up every time with a ritual mentality. I believe that even in normal sweaters, we can look causal and beautiful.

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