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Buykud Points

In order to improve our service and give back more to our customers,There is new membership points system.Therefore, Buy More To Save More.There are so many ways to accumulate points. After accumulating points, you can redeem for discounts. So let’s take a look at the ways to earn points and how to redeem discounts.And Please remember to log in your own account to earn your points.Otherwise you cannot get any poins without your account.

1, How to Earn Points

 2, How to Redeem Points

3, How to Find it on our website,

4,Here will show you how many points that you have earned. For Example:


You can also check how to earn your points here:


6, You can also check how you can redeem your points here:

7, After choosing any one of those ways to redeem your poins, you can find it here,Copy or apply the dicount code to checkout your order. 



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