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So as to improve our customer service and give back more to our customers,there comes Customers Points which you can buy more to get more back. There are so many ways to accumulate points. After accumulating points, you can redeem for discounts. So let’s take a look at the ways to earn points and how to redeem discounts. And Please remember to log in your own account to earn your points. Otherwise you cannot get any poins without your account.

(For your reference , the Points only works when you log in your own account)



1, How to Earn Points

 ( How To Refer A Friend :  Click Here To check Out

 2, How to Redeem Points


3, The Benefits to Gold Tier ( Over 1500/year Points)


 4,The Benefits to Silver Tier( Over 625/year Points)

5,The benefits to Bronze Tier( Less 625/year Points)



6,The different Benefits between three tiers

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