Stripes: A fashion passion that can’t be quit

Stripes: A fashion passion that can’t be quit

Stripes: A fashion passion that can’t be quit

        There was an interesting saying: "Breton top is a favourite item for French gentlemen and ladies!" It can be seen that the girls on the fashionable streets of Paris are obsessed with this simple Breton top. Perhaps it is this charm that makes these fresh stripes become one of the most classic images of French style.

 What is the inspiration for the striped shirt?

        The striped shirt comes from France and is called marinière in French. The first was the sailor suit in the French Navy, also called Breton top, because most of the sailors came from Brittany.

        The origin of the striped shirt was born from the creative interpretation of Breton top by an open-minded designer.Breton top is woven with fine cotton cloth, which acts as a wind and sun protection for sailors going to the sea. The stripe requirements are strict. There should be 20 blue stripes with a width of 10mm on the clothes with an interval of 20mm, and the sleeves should be composed of 14 or 15 blue stripes. Its biggest practical function is that when someone accidentally falls into the sea from the deck, they can be quickly found.



How did striped shirts enter the fashion field?

        In 1858, the French Navy designated this cotton shirt as a kind of navy uniform, and it gradually became popular all over the world. Until 1917, Coco Chanel added it to the fashion dictionary. Striped shirts have become a favorite classic for everyone. People who don’t know how to wear striped shirts are not considered fashionistas at all, because they are used in history, art history, fashion history, and film history. Stories in the cultural field can be told for several days.The most classic striped shirt style is cotton blue and white horizontal striped long-sleeved shirts, which later became popular among the citizens. All kinds of black-and-white, red and white stripes, short-sleeved, sleeveless striped shirts have also emerged as the times require and be a classic feature of French fashion.



How to match striped shirts?

        It is not a simple matter to match the stripes. In these frames, you may wear a patient clothes with a little carelessness, so let me talk about the matching of striped shirts.

        Stripes have become a timeless fashion element, especially the classic blue and white lines. With elegant style and textured version, the designer will create a striped shirt that makes you look slim and slender according to the visual effect. Combined with a slightly looser effect, it brings a slimming function. Whether it is paired with capable commuting pants, elegant skirts or jeans, you can easily travel to different occasions. The light and thin texture will also bring you comfort feel.

        In addition to the cold and light colors represented by black and blue, striped shirts can also be colorful and bright. Colorful striped shirts can be said to be a magic weapon for eye-catching. They weaken the formality of the shirts as well as  can be matched with a pair of plain pants to show the beauty of colored stripes. The color selection of colored stripes is also very rich. You can choose a design based on white, and match it with yellow, red, orange and other colors. It will be visually clean and refreshing. Or choose a combination of colors stitched together to show your personality.


        Light-colored striped shirts also have a lot of color matching, such as the classic white and light blue stripes in summer, and light yellow and white are also common light-colored shirts. Lighter colors are visually softer, but at the same time they can make people feel alive, so wearing light-colored striped shirts will be very young and energetic, and it is also a fashionable casual style.

        Nowadays, striped shirt has become an indispensable matching item in daily life. Its style is not limited to the previous Breton top style. From T-shirts to shirts to skirts, striped styles are more diverse. In terms of color, from the previous blue and white stripes to the current black and white, red and white, green and white, as well as various contrast stripes, it is more colorful, plus various thickness, horizontal and vertical distinctions, so that the striped shirt becomes a shape changeable.

        Perhaps no fashion element can be like a stripe. It can sweep the trend regardless of the era. It stands out among the many popular elements with an unparalleled attitude. It has a strong sense of history, full of visual effects, beyond the scope of fashion, it has become a symbol of the times.

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