Hoodie & Sweatshirt : A relaxed sense of fashion

Hoodie & Sweatshirt : A relaxed sense of fashion

Hoodie & Sweatshirt : A relaxed sense of fashion

        The footsteps of autumn are approaching day by day, a versatile hoodie is enough to cover all the daily collocations of autumn. So let’s take a look at what styles of hoodie are available today? What is the combination of your favorite hoodie?

        Although hoodies are already the least stylish item, but if you want to really look good, you still need to choose carefully. Let’s take a look at the styles of hoodies from three angles today! 


1.Length of hoodie

        The effect of different lengths of hoodies in wearing is also  different. Choosing a hoodie, first consider the length of the body, otherwise it is very likely to wear ordinary sportswear.

(1) Long hoodie

        The long hoodie refers to the hoodie style with the hem below the hip line after wearing. This kind of hoodie is very tolerant of the figure. It is a magic weapon for people with more waist and abdomen and people with pear-shaped body. This kind of hoodie often appears in street shots of fashionistas or celebrities. When wearing it, you can use the "missing undershirt" method, with a pair of short shorts, a pair of boots, or a pair of ordinary sneakers.


(2) Short hoodie

        Short hoodies are the most common, and their length is between the ultra-short and long hoodies, and the hem is usually right to the hip. Like the long hoodie, this type of hoodie also has a good covering effect on waist fat, which is  suitable for people with fat and apple figures. In addition, hoodies of this length are also the most versatile when mixing and matching. It can be matched with jeans and wide-leg trousers, as well as with various lengths and short skirts, making it easy to create a personality and comfortable casual feeling.



2.Neckline shape

        In the shape of the neckline, the hoodie also has a unique insight into fashion. To distinguish it from the shape of the neckline, it can be roughly divided into three types: round neck, half high neck and hood.

(1) Round neck hoodie

        The history of the round neck pullover hoodie can be traced back to the 1820s. It can be said to be one of the most classic hoodie styles. This type of hoodie was first used in sports, and the triangle on the neckline of the round neck hoodie was used to collect sports necks. Sweat around the neck and chest. Nowadays, this kind of hoodie has been popular, and the triangle is also used as a visual feature representing the American sports style. Generally speaking, the round neck hoodie with this logo is more sporty in style, which is very suitable for women who like American retro style. Other round-necked hoodies are more academic style, their collars are simple and kind, and they can be modified after wearing to make the neck line look more feminine.

(2) Half high collar hoodie

        The half-high neck hoodie is an advanced version of the round neck hoodie. This type of hoodie has become popular with the prevailing street style. Its neckline is based on the round neck through the splicing of fabrics to create a small high neck. This design makes the hoodie warmer effect better, but also increases the high-level texture. The small high collar of the half-high collar hoodie can be a fabric extension of the same color and fabric as the body, or it can be a splicing of completely different fabrics and colors. The design of this material splicing makes the hoodie more individual in shape.

(3) Hooded sweater

        Hooded sweater is a classic among sweaters. It is an addition of a hooded design on the basis of ordinary hoodies. It successfully breaks the monotony of the shoulder position of the round neck hoodie and makes the hoodie more functional and fashionable. And this type of hoodie has already successfully become the first impression of the hoodie in people's eyes. Most of the hooded sweaters have a drawstring attached to the hat. After wearing the hat, the drawstring can be used to adjust the size of the hat. It is not only suitable for wearing alone, but also as an inner wear to match with a coat or jacket to create a different fashion model.


3.Design elements

        The styles of hoodies are always ever-changing. Whenever the popular elements change, this element will always be reflected in the design of hoodies in the first time.

(1) Printing elements

        Printed hoodies have always been the mainstream of hoodies. The small print design on the chest or the overall printed pattern design breaks the monotony of pure colors and can give the hoodie a unique personality color. The printed pattern of the hoodie can be just a simple decorative element, or it can be decorated with a very personal touch of text or pattern, to show one's personal preferences or personality on the dress, highlighting personal taste.

(2) Splicing elements

        There are many ways to splice hoodies, the common ones are sleeve splicing, left and right or up and down splicing, and three-color splicing. Sleeve stitching refers to the stitching of the sleeves of the hoodie to produce changes in the overall shape; while the left and right or up and down stitching is to create an eye-catching effect through color contrast. The three-color splicing is the splicing and cutting of irregular patterns and colors to make the hoodie visually irregular. Three-color stitching hoodies usually have extremely clean edge lines, which increase the trend of hoodies and avoid color clutter.

(3) Embroidery elements

        Exquisite embroidered patterns can decorate the monotonous background color more vigorously, adding elegance to the hoodie that was originally more casual. This type of element can be used to create the front or back of the hoodie. Compared with the printed pattern, the pattern created by embroidery is more textured. If you think that the large area embroidered hoodie is too exaggerated, you can also choose the partially embroidered hoodie. This type of hoodie usually chooses to inject embroidered patterns on small areas such as the cuffs and the left side of the chest, and it has a bit of personality in the low-key.

        How much do you know about hoodie after reading this article ? Join us in the comments section below!

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