DENIM: The first choice in all-match clothing.

DENIM: The first choice in all-match clothing.

DENIM: The first choice in all-match clothing.

        Although new trends are coming every year, denim must occupy an important position among the many classic elements, such as denim jackets, jeans or denim skirts, which we call denim.
        Denim is a thicker yarn-dyed warp twill. The warp yarn is dark in color, generally indigo blue, and the weft yarn is light in color, generally light gray or raw white yarn after scouring, also known as indigo labor cloth.



Denim's identity and background

        Denim began in the western United States, named after herders used it to make clothes. The warp yarns are dyed with sizing and one-step dyeing process. The special numbers are 80tex (7 inches), 58tex (10 inches), 36tex (16 inches), etc., and the weft yarns have 96tex (6 inches) and 58tex (10 inches). ), 48tex (12 English), etc., adopting 3/1 weave, and also adopt changing twill, plain weave or crepe weave denim. The shrinkage rate is smaller than ordinary fabrics, the texture is tight, the thick, the color is bright, and the texture is clear. Suitable for men's and women's jeans, denim tops, denim vests, denim skirts,etc.

        In the 1980s, the US denim production accounted for 50% of the global production, but in the last ten years, China, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Turkey and Mexico established a large number of denim production plants, the United States and even The focus of world denim production has shifted to countries with low labor costs in Asia. In 2000, China’s denim production was about 2,424t and imported indigo dyes were 759t. In 2001, its production had risen to 2,717t and imported indigo dyes had dropped to 702t.

The historical and popular development of denim

        Since the 1950s, the film industry has risen. The performances of several Hollywood stars James Dean, Steve McQueen and Marlon Brando in movies touched the hearts of many young people, and their jeans collocation in the movies has also become popular with the film culture as a symbol.By the 1960s, Elvis Presley’s rock music, hippie, punk, Woodstock music festival had the shadow of jeans in every young man’s life. At that time, wearing jeans was no longer just for being handsome or sexy, but for express your personality.After the 1970s, jeans were no longer the clothing of the working class. Even the royal family and aristocrats have also put on this popular clothing. Major clothing brands have also launched different jeans products. Since then, jeans have become not only the mainstream of casual wear, but also popular with youth.


Common outfits of denim

        Denim jacket is a common type of clothing in the denim series.The concave shape is necessary and versatile. With the development of fashion, people have added some modern and popular elements to traditional denim jackets, such as adding some embroidery, rivets, holes, tassels, etc. When matching the denim jacket, you can match it with a simple white T-shirt, plus an all-purpose black trousers, it looks clean and handsome, plus a pair of white sneakers, it looks very individual. Simple and refreshing collocation can be used in many occasions, such as at work or shopping, or even on dates.

        Jeans can be described as a star that never fades throughout the year and is listed as the "first of all-match clothing." Jeans have more and more fabrics and colors. For example, straight pants and micro-flared pants can make women with thick legs look fit and slender, and tight pants can make fat women slim and thin women sexy.0 As the development of denim styles also presents a more diversified and casual development trend. A large number of accessories, hardware, leather knitting, colored cloth stitching and other manufacturing processes are rapidly developed and used in China. The version also developed from the earliest straight-leg pants to various new types such as hakama pants, harem pants and jumpsuits. Of course, there are disadvantages which are fading and deformation.



        When an elegant dress is interpreted with handsome denim, it is also beautiful and unique. Compared with other skirts, it feels more unruly. Common denim skirts are mostly casual and literary. Is this really the case? In fact, there are many styles of denim skirts, basically women from 18 to 40 years old can wear a unique fashion sense, it depends on how you wear them.

        The denim skirt has a crisp texture and a stronger closing performance. The tight-fitting short denim skirt is particularly challenging for the figure, and it is easy to wear a unique style of passion and street. After the designer’s ingenious ideas, the design of denim dresses is also more unique, with one-shoulder, ruffled, hollow waist, and irregular skirts. In short, it retains the texture of denim, but adds a unique charm, simple with a pair of solid-color shoes, you can wear a fashionable and cutting-edge trend.

        The denim suspender dress can be said to be a special existence in the denim skirt. Simplifying the shoulders into two straps makes the style of the skirt completely different. And this kind of design brings more choices for wearing. With different collocations and ways of wearing, it can be sexy or literary, perfectly deducing the diversity of denim. The most common outfit is with a T-shirt or sweater inside, which can be worn from early spring to autumn. This way of dressing has a strong age-reducing effect, and it instantly looks like a youthful campus.



        With the evolution of the times, new processing methods and creative designs have changed denim into different looks and become a common language in the fashion industry. They have become popular all over the world regardless of gender, age, or race.

        How much do you know about denim after reading this article ? Join us in the comments section below!

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