Tips On Selecting The Right Sizes To Fit You Perfectly

Tips On Selecting The Right Sizes To Fit You Perfectly

Tips On Selecting The Right Sizes To Fit You Perfectly

Since many people are worried about the size problems when choosing clothes online, now we are collecting some of the simple&basic tips about how to select the right size in order to help you make the right decision.

Measure Your Bust, Waist, and Hips

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I have to emphasize that the first and the essential step is to measure your bust, waist, and hips. Generally speaking, you can measure around your chest(the fullest part of your chest) for bust, around your belly button(about 2 inches below your belly) for waist, and around your hip bones(the biggest part of your hip) for your hip measurements. Write down your numbers and keep updating them for your next online shopping.

Moreover, in consideration of the human’s physiological activity, such as your breath, the chest size of your clothes should be at least 8 more inches larger than your chest size so as to ensure your normal deep breath and your rather deeper sports breath. As for your waist and hip, the physiological activity range is around 2-3 inches.

Know Your Shape Better

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You should know your shape better so that you choose the suitable clothes. Let me explain it by taking an example. Imagine that you fall in love with a dress, but the sizes and the shape are apparently not suited for yours. At this moment, you should think twice and be rational, not to buy a useless beautiful cloth. Remember that only the suitable one that is the best one for you.

Have you noticed the sizes S, M, L, XL in the clothes details? The numbers are useful but not that flexible enough for various of human body shapes. There are many body shapes of women, such as the straight body shape, the pear shape, the inverted triangle, apple shape, etc. And people may be too slim or fatter. However, the S, M, L sizes are just simply suited for the most common standard shape. If you would like to choose the right sizes, you should know your body shape better and keep rational when choosing the size and the clothing styles. If you buy a wrong size or a not suitable clothes, you’ll need to return the clothes, which is very inconvenient and time-consuming.

Read the Measurement Carefully But Don’t Rely On It Fully

Remember to read the measurement charts and the size information of the clothes carefully. Take for instance, normally there are M, L, XL sizes of the clothes, you can see the different units of the sizes, including EU, US, UK, AU, NZ sizes so that you can find out your familiar size unit easily.

Actually, BUYKUD clothes are typically the casual loose style ones, so many clothes are just the ‘one size’ clothes. At this moment, you should check the measurement details and focus on the various clothing styles. Generally speaking, the casual loose style clothes is not like the fit style clothes, you need not get an accurate size because the measurement is always much bigger than your body sizes.

Finally, if you happened to purchase the wrong size clothes and you don’t want to keep it or send it to your friends, you should go back to the website and contact the customer service to return the clothes. Remember to follow the return& refund policy because it is the fastest way to complete the whole process and get your money back!

Now, you can go shopping online and get your perfect fit clothes!


  • I really enjoy your fashions, however it would be nice if you had the plus size clothing modeled by plus size models. I really think this would add a new dimension to all plus size shoppers. Thanks.

    Jeanette H Aldridge on

  • Also buyers need to know the length of garments

    CHris gOodyear on

  • The I formation on size selection is is precise and clear. I would advise my fellow customer to follow your advise. I for one has never taken the trouble to take my actual measurements to ascertain my shape. Then blame the manufacturer when I had not done the necessary in the first place.
    Appreciated the advise.

    Christine Egesa on

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