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Tips on Removing the Sweater Pills

Tips on Removing the Sweater Pills

Sweater is a must-have in cold days because it can keep you warm and make you stay stylish and elegant at the same time. However, your favorite sweater will easily become pilling as the increasing wearing time, even though you buy an expensive one or you try to treat it as gently as you can. At this time, you may want to discard your ugly sweater. Before going to this step, here are some methods for you to get rid of the annoying pilling. 

Remove Sweater Pilling Before & After

# 1 Use Scrub Sponge

Scrub sponge, a kitchen good helper, is also a good helper of removing sweater pills. All you need to do is to wet the sponge with water and wring the water out. Then use its rough side to scrub the pills gently on the sweater. You will find the pilling gone.

Scrub Sponge

# 2 Take A Fine-toothed Comb

The small comb can not only comb your hairs, but also get rid of the pilling on your favorite sweater. The narrow-toothed comb can create a better effect. Use the comb to scrape the sweater surface gently then the pills will be gone. Remember to control your strength to prevent the damage of fabric. 


# 3 Use Shaver

If there is too much pilling covered the sweater, you can spread the sweater on a flat surface and then use a shaver to shave the pills slowly as close to the sweater surface.

At first you need to be a little gentle. You must note the strength and angle in order not to scratch or cut the sweater.


# 4 Use Useless Toothbrush

Don’t throw your useless toothbrush into your garbage can as it is convenient to help you take out the pills. Use the scissors to have a few cut on one side of the old toothbrush so as to make it become uneven.

Following the sweater lines, scrape the pills with the cut side. The pills would be stuck on the brush. 

Useless Toothbrush

# 5 Use Hook & Loop

With a sticky side, there is nothing better than using hook & loop to get rid of the pilling on sweater.

Hook & Loop

As cashmere is delicate and easily damaged, you’d better use small lint roller to remove fuzz on the surface of cashmere. Just roll it on the surface.

Lint Roller

If you don’t have hook & loop, tape is also a good choice.


# 6 Use Rubber Gloves

All you need is a pair of rubber gloves. Sweep along the sweater, the pills will stick onto your gloves. Other pills will gather at the corner of your sweater. When you scrape them gently, they will all be gone.

Rubber Gloves

Follow one of the above tips, your pilling-free fine sweater will come back again. You will no longer lose your favorite sweater because of the ugly pilling.

If the pilling of your sweater is too much or you just want a new sweater, just have a look at our beautiful sweaters. You are sure to find the one you like.

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