Is is necessary to wash new clothes before wearing?

Is it Necessary to Wash New Clothes Before Wearing?

Is it Necessary to Wash New Clothes Before Wearing?

Maybe the moment the white shirt right off the rack is its whitest time, and that coat is gorgeous and in great condition the moment you buy it. So do you need to clean these beautiful new clothes before you put on them? Perhaps this is the same question many people had before wearing new clothes.

New Clothes on Rack

In fact, new clothes is not as clean as what you think. According to Belsito, who spoke to The Wall Street Journal, dyes and formaldehyde resins can spark skin irritation in some or a full-blown allergic reaction in others. But those are far from the only risks.

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You can’t imagine how many hands had touched the new clothes in the store and how many people had tried on them. Moreover, stores are’t the only place where your new clothes could be touched by others. From the people who manufactured the clothing, to those who shipped it and others who stocked the racks, touches are ubiquitous and inevitable. Another point is that many dark-hue clothes will have a slightly color floating. Pre-washing can prevent any residual dyes from staining your skin or result in skin irritation or other diseases.

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These new clothes are already not clean. Dare you wear them without washing? Even worse, Belsito also pointed out there are certain infectious diseases that can be passed on through clothing and scabies is also one of the infestation from clothing.

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How to Wash New Clothes:

1. Soak clothes for a while before washing. Then wash it with a right amount of detergents. Or you can clean your new clothes with some salts to sterilize and prevent color fading.

2. As for heavy coats, down jackets, padded coats or other large pieces, if it is not convenient for cleaning. You must give them a thorough airing for a few days. In this way, most hazardous substances like formaldehyde can be removed.

New Clothes


1.You’d better choose clothes made by pure cotton and linen to avoid printing and dyeing, etc.;

2. Select more clothes in plain colors to reduce hazardous substance;

3. When the season changes, clean your clothes before wearing;

4. Choose high-quality products. Do not purchase products with poor quality because of cheap price.

New CoatsSo, do you need to wash new clothes before you wear them? The answer is obvious. Don’t leave harm to your health for a instant beauty.

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