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How To Wash Your Wool Clothes

How To Wash Your Wool Clothes

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The Heated Wool Clothes

Since the weather turns colder and colder, BUYKUD has already pushed out many coats and sweaters as well as the long winter dresses in our official online shop store. Among the new products, the wool dresses and coats are so popular with our customers that many people ‘like’ our wool products at our social websites such as the Facebook, instagram, etc.

 Autumn Winter Women Round Neck Three Quarter Sleeve Solid Wool Dress

The Advantages of Wool Clothes

Wool clothes possess the features of good elasticity, high hygroscopicity and good warmth retention property and so on. The fabric is healthy, natural and comfortable so that many people are fond of the wool products.

Embroidered Wool Knit Dress

How to Clean the Wool Clothes

  • As for cleaning the wool clothes, we give preference to dry-cleaning or hand-washing. If you hand wash the wool clothes, you’d better not use the washing powder and the washing water had better not beyond 30℃. Based on the clothes’ situation, soak in warm water and gently rub the wool clothes for several times. After that, rinse out with the clean water and dehydrate it for 1-2 minutes. If you use the machine washing, please follow the steps of the wool washing directions offered by the washing machine.

Fashionable Women Tassel Mixed Color Warm Wool Retangle Scarf

  • Do not expose the wool clothes directly to the hot sun while drying the clothes. If you happened to spill some water on the wool clothes, you should dry the clothes as soon as possible by placing it in the around 80℃ environment or just in the shady & cool place.

Retro Loose Wool Coat

  • The new wool clothes should be washed before your normal wear. Because during the producing process, the clothes may get dirty from the oil stain, paraffin, and dirt.

Cotton Wool Casual Keep Warm Bright Silk Women Socks

Tips for maintaining your wool clothes: If you wear wool clothes for a few days, remember to change clothes so that the wool fabric can recover to a nice look.     


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