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Recommendations: 4 Basic Items for Your Autumn & Winter Wardrobe

Recommendations: 4 Basic Items for Your Autumn & Winter Wardrobe

Autumn and Winter

We are living in the season filled with fallen leaves now. Red, golden and brown cover the earth. The weather begins to get colder because winter is just around the corner. Perhaps, you are on the hunt for autumn and winter clothes. Then I am here to ease your woes. I will share 4 basic items for your autumn and winter wardrobe today. Just follow my step now.

4 Basic Items for Autumn&Winter

# 1 Coat

Coat is sure to be one of the fall and winter essentials for your wardrobe because of its warmth retention and good looking. It enables you remain elegant and stylish while keeping warm in the cool autumn and cold winter days.

1. Sweater Coat

    Sweater Coat

    Sweater coat is one of the wardrobe staple for cool autumn. A stylish way to keep warm in fall is to wear sweater coat. Just pair with an effortless sweater dress or a basic shirt + a simple pants/skirts. An chic and warm look come into being.

    As for the color choosing, I strongly recommend these 3 colors: beige, gray, black. If you prefer gentle and simple style, beige can be your choice. If you are fond of understated and elegant style, then you should choose gray. And black is suitable for everyone because is the most easy-to-pair one.

    2. Floral Cotton Coat

    Floral Coat

    Tired of the dark-hue autumn and winter wardrobe? The floral cotton coat is sure to funk up your wardrobe and give a makeover to your look. Just have a try. It will give you surprise and bring colors to your dark-hue clothes.

    3. Plaid Coat

    Plaid Coat

    Plaid coat is very much in vogue this autumn and winter. The designers focus more on the color contrasting and flattering details. You can choose short one for cool autumn days, just go with an effortless long dress and a pair of stylish boots. For the cold days, the long one is more suitable to wear. Well-cut design is the key point.

    # 2 Dress

    In autumn, a stunning dress would be a good choice to wear alone or well matched your sweater coat in colder days. As for winter, dress is still a basic item because it can be worn indoors alone and well matched your coat when your are away from your home or go outdoors.

    1. Plain Dress


    The dress in plain color is an autumn and winter essential. It can be well matched with coats, whether thin and thick. If you want to dress alone, perhaps a plain dress with flattering details will be better, for example a flattering bow tie at the waist. 

    2. Colorful Dress


    Except for plain dress, colorful dress is also a good choice. Splicing, floral printing and colorful pattern.They all can add a perfect finish to your whole look.

    # 3 Boots


    Another staple for your autumn and winter wardrobe: stylish and durable boots. A long dress pairs with a pair of stylish and comfy boots appear frequently in many people’s daily look in autumn and winter days. The key point for choosing footwear is comfy. Buykud aims at making comfy and chic footwear for you.

    # 4 Accessories

    Necklace & BraceletExcept for beautiful clothes and comfy footwear, stunning accessory is another basic item for autumn and winter. We’ve prep a good number of necklaces and bracelets for you. Lovely, graceful, delicate, retro, etc.. No matter which style you like, you are sure to fine your beloved one here. Get ready to shine with your stunning accessories.

    Hope my recommendation can give you some inspirations of building a well-edited autumn and winter wardrobe. See you next time!

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