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Heated Tips On How To Pair Your Long Coats With Your Inner Clothes

Heated Tips On How To Pair Your Long Coats With Your Inner Clothes

Long Coat is becoming more and more popular as the days turn colder and colder. Undoubtedly, a long coat is a never-fade fashion single to highlight your styles. Moreover, it is a much more practical clothes in winter.

Slim ladies can enjoy the fluent sense of lines by wearing a long coat. As for the rather plump ladies, the long coats play an important role in lessening the feeling of the overweight shape. It will not be a problem on avoiding the wobble waistlines, big hip, and thick thighs when you are wearing a long coat!

Matching Tips:

#1 Long Coat+Shirt+Short Bottom

Denim shorts or skirt ( A-rope underdress). As for the ladies who have rather thick thighs, an A-rope underdress will be a flattering shape to the body type. And then you can wear the ankle boots to complete the whole look! As the weather getting colder and colder, ladies can wear the over-knee boots instead of the ankle boots, your beauty will last to the early winter by this look! 

#2 Long Coat+T-shirt+Ninth Pant

Why the fashion ladies love ninth pants? Its length is just the length to show your ankles, which can make a lady look higher and light! A ninth denim pant can be paired with anything and stay comfortable and fashion! (Yellow coat, Gray overcoat, Dot Coat)

Coat, Overcoat, Long Sleeve, Casual loose

It is better to wear your long coat openly. Compared to wrap it up, exposing your inner clothes will be more chic and stylish.(White coat, Waistbelt coat, Floral coat)

coat, overcoat, casual loose, autumn, double breasted, Yellow coat, Dot coat

#3 Long Coat+Dress

If sometimes you want to be a ‘lazy’ girl without lessening your fashion styles, you should think of a coat pairing with your dress. The match is simple and graceful, at the same time it looks higher. (Wine red coat, Latticed coat, Black coat)

dress, black coat, long coat, winter coat, lattice coat

How to design what dresses to match? One of the tips is to select the dress whose length is slightly longer than the coat. The sense of layering is so charming and avoid choosing the too long dress. (Khaki coat, Red long coat, Striped coat)

coats, long coat, red coat, black coat, graceful coat, lovely coat

#4 Long Coat+ Turtleneck Sweater Dress

In autumn days, turtleneck sweater dresses are welcomed if you want to dress comfortably and freely. A coat that be paired with a sweater can be warm and comfy as well as in fashion. If you feel cold, just put on a simple pant or a pantyhose! (Wine red coat, Yellow coat)

casual loose coat, red coat, yellow coat, thick coat

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