Homemade Triangle Rice Balls

Homemade Triangle Rice Balls

Homemade Triangle Rice Balls

Don’t throw away leftovers at home, homemade rice balls will be delicious, come and try it‼



Two bowls of rice  

Appropriate amount of seaweed

Two spoons of light soy sauce

one spoon of oyster sauce and one spoon of tomato sauce

a spoonful of honey

one teaspoon pepper

one spoon of cooked sesame seeds

A little chopped green cabbage

Proper amount of diced ham

Three tablespoons cooking oil


Homemade Method:

There are 6 steps in total. Pls follow the steps below to make delicious rice balls.


1. Add chopped green vegetables, diced ham, pepper, sesame seeds to the  rice, then add chopped seaweed                                                                           

2. Add three tablespoons of cooking oil and mix well

3. Shape rice balls into triangles with plastic wrap

4. Pour soy sauce, oyster sauce, tomato sauce, and honey into a bowl and stir as a sauce

5. Brush a layer of oil in a non-stick pan, put the rice balls and fry until both sides are slightly yellow. And Brush two layers of sauce and continue to fry until golden on both sides

6. Sprinkle some sesame seeds on the nori seaweed slices, and it's done.


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