Dressing guide for women over 60+

Dressing guide for women over 60+

Dressing guide for women over 60+

Is it possible to have a healthy, happy connection with your body while still dressing with figure consciousness? In no way! You should feel excellent all over your body, and hiding alleged trouble spots won't improve that. Clothing that fits properly and is well cut does help with this.

Pay close attention to your own comfort: If a piece of clothing is too short, too tight, or too colorful for your taste, and you don't feel comfortable wearing it, don't force yourself to. Don't let other people's opinions stop you from wearing anything if it makes you feel fully comfortable.


Pick the proper size and cut: Hiding an alleged problem area under several layers of clothing is not always the best solution. Instead than covering up your physique, use cuts that accentuate it. Try out different patterns and colors that highlight your best traits.

Find out which features of your body you value most, such as a slim waist, slender wrists, well-shaped calves, or a nice cleavage. Then, use the appropriate clothing and accessories to proudly highlight those features.


Trust in tried-and-true outfits: Stock your closet with clothes that are similar to the trouser or dress cut that suits you best once you have discovered it. You should certainly occasionally experiment and explore new trends, but you have also possess a wardrobe that makes you feel confident.


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