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What’s Your Christmas Outfit This Year?

What’s Your Christmas Outfit This Year?

Christmas is coming up soon. Stores on the street have put up the Christmas decoration for the occasion; flower shops are starting to be filled with poinsettia; people on the street have put on their festival outfits.
What to wear at Christmas
It’s a time of excitement and wonder. Perhaps your Christmas have already filled up with different parties or gatherings. Have no idea of your Christmas outfits? Don’t worry. The following guide may give you some inspirations.

Perhaps you’ve thought thousand kinds of Christmas looks, but you don’t know whether it is appropriate for the occasion or which one to choose. I think a beautiful and lovely dress would be a good choice because you don’t need to worry about the collocation. And I don’t think you will go wrong with a dress at any occasion. The only point you should note is to choose a dress suit for the occasion.

Sequin Dress

When it comes to festival outfits, especially Christmas outfits, sequin dress will come to our mind at first, right? However, it is a little difficult to look good in sequin dress.

Here are some tips for you:

1. Make sure it’s suitable for the occasion;
2. The sequins on the dress should not be overly shining;
3. Choose the one in neutral or plain color, instead of a colorful one;
4. Select the dress that is not close-fiitting or show off too much skin.

Sequin Dress
Plain Dress

If you ask me which dress can be suitable for almost any occasion, my answer will definitely be a plain dress.

As for the color choosing, I think red, green, black and white could be the first choice. Red, green and white are the main colors of Christmas, and black is the color suitable for almost any occasion. You can choose a plain dress with some flattering or festival details to add a festival touch, such as lacing, hollowed element, tassel, etc.. Or you can also choose a simple one without flattering or festival details, but remember to pair it with statement accessories to lift the festival vibes. And the length of dress depends on the which occasion you are going to.  

Which color can stands for Christmas? Perhaps most answers would be red. And red usually gives people a jubilant feel. Then why not put on a red dress to celebrate the happy Christmas? Red Dress
A Christmas without green is not a complete one. With green dress, you can easily create a festival vibe. But please note that the selection of shoes and other accessories should be simple, or you will really become a Christmas Tree. Hahaha...
Green Dress
White dress can easily create a romantic and warm feel. And it is also the color that can be the perfect foil for Christmas atmosphere. Just put on your white dress to your Christmas parties or gatherings.
White Dress
Black is a versatile and flattering color. It can be worn at anytime, any age and almost any occasion. So it is also a good choice for your Christmas outfits. And remember to use statement accessories to light up your look.
Black Dress
Other Options
If you are not inspired from the above recommendation, you can have a look at the following dresses.
Christmas Dress-1
Christmas Dress-2
Silk Dress
Although is winter now, some of you are still experiencing the hot and warm weather. Smooth touch and charming gloss, a silk dress can definitely be your Christmas style.
Silk Dress
That’s all about what to wear at Christmas. We wish you merry Christmas and happy new year. Just enjoy your wonderful and happy Christmas time.
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