How to Choose the Right Swimsuit

TIPS: How to Choose the Right Swimsuit

TIPS: How to Choose the Right Swimsuit

Every body type looks best in a different style of swimsuit. Whether you’ve got curves or a straighter waistline, purchasing a suit that flatters your figure is a guaranteed confidence builder.

For A Big Bust

Opt for a halter-style bikini top with cups or inner support or a bra top with underwire support.

Swimsuits for Big Bust

For A Tummy

Try a tankini, especially A-line style tankinis. If you are worried about your hips/bum, boy leg shorts always look hot.

Swimsuits for TummyFor A Small Bust

Find a top with ruffles, a bow or any textural embellishments to emphasize.

Swimsuits for Small Bust

For Pear Shape

Find one that can balance your proportions and get the coverage you need for your bottom half.

Swimsuit for Pear Shape

For Curvy

Highlight your curves while providing enough support and coverage.

Swimsuits for Curvy ShapeKeep in mind you need to be confident in whatever swimsuit you're in! Go shopping for a swimsuit that suits your shape.

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