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Something About Chinese Ancient Clothes Styles

Something About Chinese Ancient Clothes Styles

First of all, I would like to mention some remarkable elements of Chinese ancient styles. There are many forms revealing the Chinese ancient styles, such as the paper cuts, Peking opera, the Chinese handwriting, wooden and brick carving architectures, delicate china and Chinese ink and wash paintings, etc. As for the Chinese ancient style clothes, they are more likely to show on the ink and wash paintings in the clothes.

I will talk about them by the following 3 features:

Feature 1: Pure color dresses with a slight and flowing hemline. The eastern ladies are in a rather thin size than the western ladies. In some dynasties, the Emperor like the ladies with a thin shape who walk in a slight pace, as a result, the ladies like to wear the slight clothes to better shows their thin and graceful shapes. It finally becomes a fashion. Another reason is the linen and cotton fabrics of their clothes and the limited techniques of cloth dyeing, so the soft materials are always the pure ones.

Feature 2: Floral long dresses in the patterns of roses, peach blossom, bamboo, winter-sweet, orchid, and chrysanthemum. In the ancient China, people believe that the bamboo, winter-sweet, orchid, and chrysanthemum are the ‘four gentlemen in flowers’ which possess the lofty characters!

Feature 3: Casual and simple styles. Some people may think that the Chinese ancient clothes are like some cloth. Actually, this kind of simplicity with some easy designs like the unique fasteners, the graceful clippings, and the irregular hemlines can effortlessly show a lady’ s gentle.

Some of the clothes are pure in color and have no single pic and pattern in it, it is called nature and true. Some of the clothes are full of the ink and wash paintings, it is called classic and gracious styles. Some of the dresses are just the pure color with only a small flower pattern on the side, it is called the refined and cultured styles.

There are also lots of accessories are of Chinese ancient styles. They always give people the feelings of distance and inviolability.

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