Cover-BUYKUD's New Arrivals of Nov

RECOMMENDATIONS: BUYKUD's New Arrivals of Nov.2017

RECOMMENDATIONS: BUYKUD's New Arrivals of Nov.2017

Autumn is coming to an end. Will you miss its warm sunshine, gentle wind and the roads covered with golden fallen leaves? Usually, maple trees put on their best show in the autumn, which is one of the symbol of autumn. We don’t want to say goodbye to autumn, but no one can stop the onset of winter. All we can do is to prepare enough clothes for winter wardrobe and find out its beauty.

Buykud's New Arrivals of November 2017

New season is coming, so are our new arrivals. If you have no idea which one is worth buying, we are here to ease your woes. Today, I will recommend 4 must-have items for your winter wardrobe.

# 1 Dress

Choose a Dress to Impress

Thickened Irregular Stitching Dresses

The only thing predictable about life is its unpredictability. The only thing changeless about clothing is its changeable style. This dress with irregular design give the changeable clothing a perfect interpretation. Simple yet unique. 

Casual Cotton Colorful Print Dress

These 2 matching dresses are perfect for BFF outfits. Same patterns, different styles. One is casual, another is elegant. This is like the essence of BFF. You may have same hobbies, but you still have something different from each other. Just put on these 2 colorful dresses to cheer up your dull days.

Cotton Jacquard Turtleneck Dress

Turtleneck sweater dress is a wardrobe staple for autumn and winter. It can not only protect you from the cold wind to a great extent, but also enable you to make a fashion statement among the crowd. In winter, you can pair it with a long coat to achieve instant chic. (Left to right: Wine red; Blue.)

# 2 Coat

 Snuggle up Yourself with Warm Coats

Winter Coat 1

If you are looking for a coat that will always look smart and never be out of date, then a plain coat can be a perfect choice. You can choose bright colored one to light up your dreary winter days. Or choose the dark-hue one if you want to be understated and get a easy-to-pair one. 

Winter Coat 2

If your winter wardrobe is filled with plain coats, then I strongly recommend you to add a colorful coat to your wardrobe. Add some colors to your wardrobe and your life. Winter is not just dark-hue. (Left to right: # 1; # 2.)

# 3 Shoes

Treat Yourself A New Pair of Shoes

Buykud's Boots-1

This pair of boots is one of the best-selling shoes in November New 2017. With stylish design and comfy material, it become the top selling shoes of November New Arrivals. 4 colors for your options: Khaki, gray, black and red. It is a pair made for walking. It will provide you a wonderful wearing experience.

Hot Selling Shoes of Nov

The above are other top-sale shoes. What will you consider first when you choose your new footwear - comfort or style? It’s difficult to choose between them. Don’t worry. We aims at designing footwear with the combination of comfort and style. (Left to right: # 1; # 2; # 3; # 4.)

# 4 Necklace

Get Ready to Shine With Your Necklace

Necklace Collection Nov

Necklace plays an important role in your outfits. When your outfit looks basic step it up in necklace; when your outfit looks dull light it up with necklace; when your outfit looks too bright balance it with necklace. So, necklace is a perfect finish to your whole look. (Left to Right: # 1; # 2; # 3; # 4.)

Hope you can find the items you like in our November New Arrivals. Enjoy life, enjoy Buykud!

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