5 Weekend Wear Selected From Buykud

Recommendations: 5 Looks for Your Weekend Plan

Recommendations: 5 Looks for Your Weekend Plan

Weekend is a time for relaxing, entertainment, staying with family and meeting friends. So the key of weekend wear is casual and comfortable yet chic and elegant. We’ve selected 5 favorite weekend looks from Buykud for your inspiration and reference.

# Weekend Wear 1

A broad brim straw hat keeps the rays off your face, while comfy and effortless dress makes you enjoy your weekend time relaxed. Go with a exquisite and colorful bracelet to create a fun and playful color-matching to fit in the weekend time. Balance bright pieces with a bag in light basic color.

Weekend Wear 1

# Weekend Wear 2

A light color dress with flattering neckline and button; a low-key straw hat for bright sun; an embellished necklace to add a finishing touch to the whole look; a softly tailored bag and a pair of comfortable shoes. All is about keeping your look simple yet elegant.

Weekend Wear 2

# Weekend Wear 3

A leisure time at the beach with family or friends for a simple dress and bright accessories. Go with a straw bag detailing with an embellished flower and a straw hat with pretty lacing. Look simple yet suitable.

Weekend Wear 3

# Weekend Wear 4

When the weather is getting cool or cold, a bold coat can give you an opportunity to become the focus among the crowd. But remember to keep other pieces in dark hue. Choose the same or similar colors for the other pieces to highlight the focus.

Weekend Wear 4 # Weekend Wear 5

An effortless and simple dress, a easy-to-wear scarf, a fine-tailored bag, a statement necklace and a pair of comfy boots is one of the standard look in autumn and winter. It’s also suitable for weekend wear, which is chic yet effortless. Remember this style format, you can shine through the autumn and winter street.

Weekend Wear 5

Are you inspired to style your weekend wear from the 5 above weekend look? Click here for more styles and looks. Hope you have a good time this weekend.

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