STYLE: 4 Hot Summer Fashion Trends for Women in 2017

The temperature is getting higher and higher, so summer is already coming. It’s time for you to refresh your summer wardrobe. Below are some key trends for you to follow in this summer.

1. Retro Prints

In some fashion shows, designers dated back to the 50s, 60s, and 70s to select prints for this season. Some chose floral prints; some introduced a retro vibe to their new print,etc..We’ve picked some of our favorite retro prints for you:

Retro Flower Printing Loose Dress

Put on this floral dress to floral and heat up your summer.

Retro Flower Printing Loose Dress

Summer Retro Printing Loose Dress

The printing on this dress is so vivid that I felt the printing will become true objects and come out from the dress. Low-key black and bold red is up to your choice.

Summer Retro Printing Loose Dress

Retro Loose Linen V Neck Shirt

Because this shirt combines these elements: retro prints, linen and V neck, which enable it to be vintage, comfortable and figure flattering. You can just match a black short pants.

Summer Women Retro Loose Linen V Neck Shirt

2. Utilitarian

Cargo pockets everywhere, in trousers, dresses, etc.., which is convenient for you to go out for a while without carrying with your bag.

It is alright for you to go out without handbag when you wear a dress or pants with pockets, especially with big pockets. You can put your phone into it. It is not only utility but also conform to the fashion trend.

Dresses with Pockets

Pants with Pockets

3. Yellow

From the point of durability, yellow is not the best choice. However, this didn’t stop the designers’ steps to take advantage of its benefits- sunny, fresh and vigor. This summer, yellow becomes one of designers’ choices.

Tired of the classical color of black and white? Then try yellow, which can offer you a fresh new look. Adds brightness to your wardrobe.

Buykud Collection of Yellow Dresses

4. Irregular Skirt Hem

How to make a skirt become chic? The designers’ solution is to add an irregular hem to the skirt.

You need a irregular hem dress to refresh your wardrobe. It suits many occasions: vacation, shopping and even workplace as well as meets the popular trend of irregular hem.

Summer Dresses with Irregular Skirt Hem

As long as you have a heart chasing for fashion, you can fulfill it. Hope you can get inspiration from the above fashion ideas. Are you ready to be the chic one?

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