3 Weekend Looks From New Arrivals of July 13th
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Recommendations: 3 Weekend Looks From New Arrivals of July 13th

Buykud Dress New Arrivals Shirt Weekend Style

Weekend is coming! Have no idea for your weekend look? Get some inspiration from the following looks.

# 1  Casual Style

Casual style is one of my favorite weekend styles. What about you? The key point of this style is comfort clothes. This Hollowed Single Breasted Shirt can perfectly fit this style because it is made of cotton and linen.

Stylish Hollowed Single Breasted Women Light Green Shirt 

# 2 Pretty Style 

After tackling a busy week, it’s time for you to relax and be yourself. Now, it’s your leisure time. Mixed this V Neck Sleeveless Black Dress with a simple white shirt, a pretty style is created easily.

V Neck Sleeveless Women Casual Black Dress

# 3 Elegant Style

If you want to keep your elegance in weekend yet not feeling formal, then you can choose some pieces of floral patterns. Perhaps this Printing Flower Short Sleeves Dress can be one of your choice.


Sweety Linen Short Sleeves Pleated Women Summer Dress 

How to navigate weekend style? Choose the above pieces for your very own weekend style! Enjoy your weekend!

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