What to eat before running

HEALTH: What to Eat Before Running

HEALTH: What to Eat Before Running

Do you know how to choose what to eat before running? Choose the right one can not only replenish energy to you, but also make you more energetic during your exercises. So, what should we eat before running?

# 1 Nuts

Nuts like almond can provide quick supplement of proteins and carbohydrates. A half-cup of nuts contain up to 34 g proteins. They are quite beneficial to muscle rebuilding.

# 2 Banana

Eat one or two bananas. It can supply carbohydrates effectively and replenish energy to your body. Moreover, it can provide lots of potassium ions if you eat it before running.


# 3 Chocolate

Numerous studies showed that eating chocolate before exercises can fight against fatigue effectively and help your body to breathe better. It can not only enhance your sport effects, but also enables you to taking exercises more energetic.


# 4 Orange

Eating orange before exercises can provide you plenty potassium and it is of great help to stretch your body and reduce soft tissue injury during exercises. And drinking orange juice after doing sports can supply you vitamin c and rehydrate you effectively.


# 5 Blueberry

Blueberry can provide you with a great number of antioxidants. It is quit suitable for you to eat before or after exercises. It can doubly accelerate the recovery of loss after intense exercises. So, it is particularly suitable for you to eat after exercises.


# 6 Chia Seed

Rich in Omega-3, dietary fiber, natural antioxidant and high-quality protein, chia seed can help to keep the blood sugar stable. Thus, it can be provided to long-distance exercisers as the supplement after exercises.

6-Chia Seed

Eat healthy before running from today.

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