Chinese Culture: The 24 Solar Terms in China-4
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Chinese Culture: The 24 Solar Terms in China-4

24 Solar Term Buykud China Winter

Today is one of the 24 solar terms-the Beginning of Winter. It often appears at Nov.7 or 8 each year. The coming of the Beginning of Winter means the weather will get colder and colder.

Now, let's begin our brief introduction of the six solar terms for winter.

# 1 the Beginning of Winter
Nov.7 or 8

24 Solar Term-the Beginning of Winter

# 2 Lesser Snow
Nov.22 or 23

24 Solar Term-Lesser Snow

# 3 Greater Snow
Dec.6,7 or 8

24 Solar Term-Greater Snow

# 4 the Winter Solstice
Dec.21,22 or 23

24 Solar Term-the Winter Solstice

# 5 Lesser Cold
Jan.5,6 or 7

24 Solar Term-Lesser Cold

# 6 Greater Cold
Jan.20 or 2

24 Solar Term-Greater Cold

So far I finished all introduction of 24 solar terms in China.

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