Appreciation of Worldwide Wedding Dresses

Appreciations: Worldwide Wedding Dresses-2

Appreciations: Worldwide Wedding Dresses-2

Last week, I share the traditional wedding dresses of 5 different countries with you guys. Today, I will continue to talk about another 5 countries’.
# 1 Norway
Now, let’s see the traditional wedding dresses of Norway.
Norse Traditional Wedding Dress-1
This is the traditional clothes that Norway couples wear in their weddings. This traditional dressing is called Bunad.
Norse Traditional Wedding Dress-2
# 2 Saudi Arabia
The dress code in Saudi Arabia is governed by Sharia law and is quite strict, especially for female. Let’s see some wedding pics in Saudi Arabia.
Basically, the bride should cover each part of their body except eyes.
Saudi Arabic Traditional Wedding Dress-1
There are also some weddings in a more open way. And we can see the beautiful faces of the brides.
Saudi Arabic Traditional Wedding Dress-2
Saudi Arabic Traditional Wedding Dress-3
In fact, weddings in Saudi Arabia are tend to open gradually. The bride can dress up beautifully and gorgeously in their weddings.
Saudi Arabic Traditional Wedding Dress-4
Saudi Arabic Traditional Wedding Dress-5
# 3 South Africa
Next, comes to South Africa.
South Africa is a unrestrained and open country. You can know how happy they are by their wedding pics.
South African Traditional Wedding Dress-1
All the guests revel together, celebrating the red-letter day.
South African Traditional Wedding Dress-2
South African Traditional Wedding Dress-3
South African Traditional Wedding Dress-4
South African Traditional Wedding Dress-5
South African are very creative. They gradually blend their traditional clothing elements into the modern wedding dresses.
South African Traditional Wedding Dress-6
South African Traditional Wedding Dress-7
# 4 Kosovo
The Republic of Kosovo is a small country located in the Balkan Peninsula of southeastern Europe. The dressing of their brides is a little strange, but it stands for warding off evil spirits and praying for safety.
Kosovo Traditional Wedding Dress-1
On the wedding day, the brides will paint on their faces, which is also a traditional custom.
Kosovo Traditional Wedding Dress-2
Kosovo Traditional Wedding Dress-3

After dressing up, the brides will be carried to get married.
Kosovo Traditional Wedding Dress-4
Kosovo Traditional Wedding Dress-5
# 5 Russia
Last, let’s have a look at the traditional wedding dresses of Russia.
Russian Traditional Wedding Dress-1
Russian Traditional Wedding Dress-3
Instead of exchanging rings, Russians have a crowned ceremony.
Russian Traditional Wedding Dress-2
We are living in such a big world that there are still quite a lot left for us to explore.
The photos are collected from the Internet. If it has encroached upon your rights and interests, please contact us.

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