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A Brief Introduction and Appreciation of Si He Yuan

Chinese Culture: A Brief Introduction and Appreciation of Si He Yuan

Let's feel the Chinese beauty of Si He Yuan!

Si He Yuan is a classical architecture style of residential housing of Beijing citizens dated from the Ming Dynasty. Some often think it is bungalow, actually it is not.

Si He Yuan-1
A standard Si He Yuan usually consists of houses on its four sides, and the house which stands at the north end and faces at the south is called the main house or north house. The ones on both sides are called side houses, and the one which stands at the south end and faces north is called south house.

Si He Yuan-2
Usually a whole family lives in one compound. The elder generation lives in the main house, the younger generation live in the side houses, and the south house is usually their sitting room or study.

Si He Yuan-3
The narrow streets between the Si He Yuan are called "Hutong"s. A single Si He Yuan comprises of garden surrounded by four houses and protected by high walls. Si He Yuan with Hutong which have been very familiar for people, with a history of more than 700 years now suffer from the urban renovation and economic development of China, and they are slowly disappearing from Beijing, China.

Si He Yuan-4

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