7 Unbelievable Backyards You Wish You Had

7 Unbelievable Backyards You Wish You Had

One word: waterslides. These Pool Kings' creations just might inspire your next backyard renovation.

Elegant Oasis

This backyard is now a dreamy oasis thanks to a gorgeous mini waterfall, two fire features and, of course, a palatial pool. (A+ for the pergola, too.)

Water Wonderland

Find yourself transported to another place entirely with this water wonderland. The key element is the epic waterfall that looks straight out of a tropical forest — and the adorable palm trees only amplify that feeling.

Water Wonderland-1

Water Wonderland

A pool AND putting green with über high-quality turf? Okay, this backyard is just too much...

Water Wonderland-2

…But it’s the lagoon-like design that solidifies the lush, relaxing atmosphere. The incredible view of the mountains is the cherry on top of this backyard getaway.

Water Wonderland

Playtime Perfection

Why choose between pool time and hoop time when you can have both? That idea’s a slam dunk. (Sorry, we had to.)

Playtime Perfection

What makes this the ultimate playground is the cascading waterslide, right beside the waterfall which doubles as a grotto. Be free to embrace your inner child, but hey, no running by the pool.

Playtime Perfection-2

Relax & Recover

This backyard’s lounge chairs are the ideal spot to take in the standout city lights and captivating flames spurting off the one-of-a-kind fire feature. Relax & Recover

And the raised spa exemplifies luxury with built-in seating so you can unwind while soaking all your troubles away. Relax & Recover-2

Grown-Up Fun

The swim-up bar is great for parties and barbecues, and it's the perfect gift for parents after a full day of wrangling kids poolside.
Grown-up Fun

Epic Adventure

We saved the best for last: The rock formations and flowing water give the space a jungle feel, so you can channel your inner Tarzan before sailing down the slide and crashing into the cool, pristine pool below. When can we visit?

Epic Adventure

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