What's the linen cotton fabric advantages and disadvantages

What's the linen cotton fabric advantages and disadvantages

What's the linen cotton fabric advantages and disadvantages

linen cotton fabric

What is a good material? You would think it would be pure cotton, silk, etc. But linen and cotton clothes are now a big part of the market.
In recent years, linen and cotton clothing has become more and more popular. Many people like this kind of clothing, which is comfortable to wear. But do you really know linen and cotton fabric?
Characteristics of linen and cotton
Linen and cotton fabric is a mixture of linen and cotton, with both characteristics. General pure linen material clothes feel rough, close-fitting wear on the skin friction is very obvious, a long time is more easily pilling; And pure cotton cloth has the defect that quality of a material is too light again, wear rise soft, without linen firm feeling. Linen and cotton mixed fabrics effectively avoid the shortcomings, become the best choice for summer clothing.

linen cotton fabric
Advantages and disadvantages of linen and cotton
1. anti-static, no ball, no rolling, no edge, cotton and linen cloth is sewn with pure cotton, no free charge, cotton fiber is not easy to deformation, no ball.
2. natural environmental protection, from planting hand woven cloth, sewing into sheets, do not use pesticides and chemical dyes, textiles do not contain formaldehyde, azo and other chemical heavy metal ions, fully in line with the European Community textile biochemical standards stipulated "banned cancer-azo dye" requirements, so that the real green ecological textile treasures.
3. good air permeability, sweat permeability, cotton and linen cloth can absorb the sweat and sweat on the human skin, make the body temperature quickly return to normal, truly achieve the effect of breathable, sweat absorption, warm in winter and cool in summer, suitable for close-fitting use.
4. Comfortable, anti-pruritic, skin-friendly, acidic PH value, no irritation to skin, in line with environmental protection and human health requirements.
5. can improve sleep, the use of cotton and linen cloth makes the human body produce warm effect, increase the body's microcirculation blood flow, effective regulation of the nervous system, dredge the meridian, improve the quality of sleep.
6. Made of cotton and linen bags into bundle pockets, it is now suitable for packaging electronic products, jewelry and rare medicinal materials, which is safer and more secure.

linen cotton fabric
1. No wrinkle resistance. Hemp, like cotton, is a natural substance that is less resistant to wrinkling, which is an obvious disadvantage. Of course cannot deny optional drape is the temperament of cotton and hemp. Although cotton and hemp produces drape easily. But also had better do actually, want local gush to nod water gas only. Because flax hangs a feeling very good, wait for water to do clothings to also level off.
2. the first time the close-fitting wear a little prick feeling. Polychromatic dyed flax/cotton and flax will be stronger than other fabrics, which is caused by multiple dyeing processes. As long as you patiently accept the initial touch, with the increase of washing times. It will be closer to the requirements of the skin and become soft and elegant. If the unwashed fabric is relatively smooth and without rough feeling. it is not necessarily flax, or the content of flax fabric is less than 30%.
3. Rough texture. High quality linen fabric, or high flax content of the fabric, without repeated washing, its touch will feel rough. More than a few times after washing will become supple.
4. cotton and linen dyeing tone is dark, belongs to the dark color. The effect of dyed linen is different from that of other dyed fabrics. Both the glossiness and saturation are relatively dim. Due to the limited ability of the camera to distinguish the color and luster. This bleak effect cannot be truly reflected in the product photos, so the photos are generally brighter than the real objects.

linen cotton fabric
BUYKUD is a women's clothing company made of linen and cotton fabric, which is specialized in customized women's casual, loose, plus size and high quality women's clothes. Since the BUYKUD website was launched in 2015, cotton and linen clothing has been deeply loved by women all over the world.


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