Four Women's Fashion Dressing You Need to Know For Autumn 2018

Four Women's Fashion Dressing You Need to Know For Autumn 2018

Four Women's Fashion Dressing You Need to Know For Autumn 2018

What clothes to wear in early autumn, the beginning of autumn, finally survived the boring summer, ushered in a little bit of cool. So, how to dress in the early autumn season to be stylish and good-looking transition this awkward period?

The beginning of autumn, a little bit of the temperature turned cool, the body of the single product gradually more up, without the annoyance of summer, more good mood to dress up the United States. So at the beginning of autumn season, what dress is appropriate and good-looking? Take stock of some trendy high street looks today.

1) Shirts can be worn all year round, especially in the fall, in such a long period of time can be used together with natural and unique characteristics, perfect to avoid the embarrassment of wearing the same shirt. Just put on the colorful and beautiful and romantic every day. Irregular lower hem design, short front and long back. Vintage design and color, very tasteful. Hemp material. Average size: shoulder width 43 chest circumference 113 waist circumference 117 sleeve length 54 arm circumference 48 cuff 21 length 75-89.

Pastoral Flower Print Loose Slit Autumn Shirt

2) The printing is simple and simple. Fancy, but not ostentatious. Soft double cotton fabric. Asymmetrical hem design with two large pockets. There is a simple hand-embroidered thread. To quiet and lovely you.

Print V-neck Autumn Long Sleeve Cotton Blouse

3) Geometric sweater. Fairyland like charm totem, there are rules, no rules, not clear, vague feeling. Not very bright, dark and retro, with a split design on the back. Let recreational posture, add a bit more delicate sense.

Women Cotton Fall Commuter Long Sleeve Round Neck Coffee Top

4) Women plus size two pieces set, athleisure top and bottom. It's a youthful trend and is going to strong this autumn. So, try on the casual style suit.

Autumn Casual Cotton Black Blouse And Pants

Cotton and linen clothing suggestion: reverse gently, do not wring hard dry. Clothing shrinkage and slight pilling, fiber loss, are normal. To avoid deformation caused by external force. Wash your hands by hanging them flat to dry. If the clothes are cotton and linen fabric is more prone to wrinkle, can be used to iron the low temperature neat. Color separation is recommended. As a result of its natural properties, some of the fabric surface there are minor knots.

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