BUYKUD’s New Arrivals For Autumn 2020

BUYKUD’s New Arrivals For Autumn 2020

BUYKUD’s New Arrivals For Autumn 2020

        The pace of summer is leaving quietly, and the coolness of autumn has gradually come. This autumn seems to be particularly exciting. The autumn in my impression should be full of maple leaves dancing, there is no high temperature or too cold wind, everything is just right. So are you ready for your new autumn clothes? Does your wardrobe still lack the following autumn essential clothes? Next, let me recommend some of the best-selling autumn clothes of Buykud for you, come and take a look!



        The first product I recommend to everyone is a Women Knitted V-neck Cotton Cardigan Coat. This sweater coat is mostly made of cotton. The cotton sweater is breathable and will not irritate the skin. People with allergic skin will also be  comfortable. In the choice of colors, there are yellow and green. In the autumn, it is more suitable to wear a pure yellow sweater, because autumn gives us the feeling of warm colors. Whether it's traveling to take pictures or gathering with friends at home, a yellow sweater coat with a black base shirt and jeans of the same color can be worn with a special and casual style. The green sweater jacket is reminiscent of the red and green colors of Christmas, it looks more calm and generous. The wide version and neat cut make such a versatile sweater coat  suitable for spring or autumn. Does this Knitted Cotton Cardigan Coat impress you? Hurry up and add to the shopping cart!



        The next product to recommend is a Casual Retro Print Elastic Waist Wild Skirt. The fabric of this skirt is mostly cotton. There is an elastic band at the waist so that we can adjust the tightness according to different waist circumferences. There are purple and gray in the choice of colors. I think these two colors are easy to match with autumn clothes. The purple skirts have unique patterns, which look elegant and attractive; the gray skirts have a retro French style, which makes the patterns clearer. There are two pockets on both sides of the skirt, and the length of the skirt is about 10 cm from the ankle. The upper body can be matched with a dark sweater or jacket, and then put on a pair of black Martin boots to easily wear a dignified and generous style. Does this skirt impress you? Collect it if you like it !



        The third product I want to recommend is a Retro Breasted Knitted Drawstring Hooded Blouse. This sweater is suitable for autumn and winter. The prints on the clothes are mainly composed of red, yellow and blue. It is easy to bring us a kind of autumn vibes. There is a row of buttons at the neckline of the clothes that looks retro and casual. The lower body is matched with a pair of dark wide-leg jeans and black canvas shoes, which are both warm and fashionable. It is suitable for both traveling and resting at home.Is this your favorite style ? How you like that?



        The last product I want to recommend is this Women Knitted Button Split Hem Sweater. Autumn is here, and the autumn breeze will not be absent morning and evening, so it is important to dress warmly. The fabric of this sweater are made of cotton and wool. Everyone knows that wool is a warm fabric, so the warmth of this garment is quite good. There are blue, coffee and pink in the choice of colors. The saturation of these three colors is very low, which is suitable for autumn and winter . The lower body can be easily worn with a comfortable and light feeling whether it is matched with jeans or a skirt. There is an irregular cut at the hem of the dress, with black buttons, the whole dress looks a little special than ordinary sweaters. Doesn’t your wardrobe have such a versatile sweater? Hurry up and add to the shopping cart!

        The autumn wind in September is slowly blowing in, don’t you have any autumn clothes in your closet? Whether it's a jacket or sweater, wide-leg pants or skirt, you can easily match a casual and unique personal style. Action is not as good as your heart. Come to Buykud to buy autumn and winter women's clothing.

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