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5 Pants Every Woman Should Own - BUYKUD

5 Pants Every Woman Should Own - BUYKUD

Women like to wear skirts summer because it show their own appearance. However, as soon as the season turns to the cold winter, many people wear warm trousers, but the style of trousers in autumn and winter is too much! Do you want to know what are the popular pants styles this year? In this early autumn, Buykud store new arrival some loose pants september. Let you have good-looking versatile pants, so that you can enjoy the beauty of this winter until next spring!

1. Retro Plus Size Corduroy Harem Pants

Retro Plus Size Corduroy Harem Pants

It is made of high quality materials,durable enought for your daily wearing. It is very unique and breathable. The pants has nice air permeability,which is comfortable for you to wear. Its special design will make you look unique. Since the corduroy itself has a longitudinal texture and a certain thickness of the material, it will be a little bit heavier, so you should not choose too tight style. Loose style pants is a good choice. Great for Sports,Fitness,Yoga,I am sure you will like it!

2. New Winter Velvet Casual Retro Harem Pants

New Winter Velvet Casual Retro Harem Pants

This harem pants made from top quality and comfortable materials, these pant have an cool style with stretchy and comfortable feature. Finally, a high comfortable material that can be worn in any day. The pants can fit boys and girls.This terry cotton-wear is beautifully designed and has a stylish style, in giving your child a celebrity like feeling. She'll look and feel so cool in it. It is very cute, fitting party, sports and schooling.

3. Women Elastic Waist Loose Winter Casual Pants

Women Elastic Waist Loose Winter Casual Pants

Feel pretty sturdy, not super light-weight as you might want for mid-summer, but fabric is enough thickness to help keep you warm in winter just pair with a coat. They are great allowing you to move without binding and the drawstring keeps the waist where it should be. Comfortable, well-fitting, good for running errands, jogging, and other casual activities.

4. Plus Size Women Loose Lantern Pants

Plus Size Women Loose Lantern Pants
Cotton fabric, lightweight, soft and easy to wear comfy in spring and winter, cotton loose pants is designed with relaxed fit, cropped hem, with side pocket, good choice for home leisure and holiday. Loose and simple style. Women's lantern pants challenge your style. Loose, comfortable fabrics change your Style. Easy to dress up and dress down, wear it as an oversized pants with tight shirt. Looks awesome either way, keep it at the forefront of the trend,creat different oneself.

5. Plus Size Women Stripe Linen Harem Pants

 Plus Size Women Stripe Linen Harem Pants

Enjoy cool weather hiking, climbing, and camping with the Wantdo Insulated fleece pants.It features a comfortable adjustable waist and adjustable bottom that offers the perfect amount of warmth on cool days or in mild winter weather. Repels rain and snow, cuts the wind, dried fast, breathes well, resists wrinkle, protecting you from the elements and keeping you dry and warm. It also stays quiet when you are in motion.

If you like above pants, please come to BUYKUD store online. You will choose the best one you like.

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janet jillson on

I need harrm type pants not so long and certainly not at the ankle mI bought the black suit from you about a month ago and the pants from that suit ware perfect in length in length.

thank you

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