Cheongsam-Clothing of Chinese Style

Recommendations: When Chinese Style Encounters with Clothing

Recommendations: When Chinese Style Encounters with Clothing

When it comes to Chinese style, what words will occur to you first? Perhaps cheongsam, china, traditional Chinese painting, etc.. And when it comes to clothing of Chinese style, what elements will you think of? Let’s see the following.

1 Chinese Style Ink Printing Frog Dress

  • Use traditional Chinese ink printing with the elements of birds, flowers, mountains and rivers, these two dresses thoroughly show the delicacy and Chinese style. And the main material linen perfectly presents female’s gentleness and softness. Add them to your cart to act as beautiful as a moving painting.

  • Moving the pattern of freehand brush work to modern clothing design is one of the expression of Chinese style. These two dresses are good examples. They introduce plum blossom images to create Chinese style. Choose the elements you like: side slit or pleated.

3 Tang Costume-Modified Version

  • Tang costume mainly use embroidered patterns, but the red dress and green shirt here throw out the complicated pattern. Just use the simple elements to show the simple yet chic Chinese style.

4 Cheongsam-Modified Version

  • Regarded as the symbol of Chinese traditional clothing and Chinese style, cheongsam came into vogue among Chinese and even over the world in recently years. Both Chinese and other countries’ celebrities wear cheongsam on some large international stages, which makes more and more people know cheongsam. The modified cheongsam with modern elements can be more popular.

Put on the clothes of Chinese style to perfectly show out your elegance and gentleness.

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