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 Recommend 3 popular shirts types in this summer to you.

Recommendations: 3 Popular Shirts Types in This Summer

As an item that can go with everything, Shirt is the everlasting staple in people’s summer wardrobe. It has a great number of types, which is difficult to select. Don’t worry. We’ve done the work for you. Today, we’ll recommend 3 popular shirts types in this summer to you.

 # 1 Plain Shirt

Not a few people will choose plain shirt as their wardrobe staple. Black and white are usually the main colors among them because they are considered as two most easy matching colors for clothes. It can be matched with all different colors’ clothes. You can mix it with pants or skirts. They are also suitable for almost any occasions.

Plain Shirt 1-2

 Plain Shirt 1-3

 # 2 Lattice Shirt

The lattice shirt we selected has two colors: orange and pink. Dressed in this lattice shirt with a straw bag, a casual and picnic style is coming out. 

Lattice Shirt

# 3 Splicing Shirt

As for this recommended splicing shirt, it has 3 colors: black, blue and white. Splicing is the combination of two elements, which can present the beauty of collision. Here is the combination of hollowed and stripes.

Splicing Shirt-3

The above shirts are all selected from Buykud’s new arrivals in 17th of July. Please note that the new arrivals have discount for limited time only. When the activity ends, they will be back to the original prices.

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