The fashionable about linen is really fabulous!

The fashionable about linen is really fabulous!

The fashionable about linen is really fabulous!

The Fashion Trend of Linen  

With the temperature getting higher and the clothes getting thinner,the trend of enclosure of linen clothes is becoming more and more obvious. Nowadays linen is becoming a new fashion trend because Its retro style is favored by various of people. What do you know about Linen ? Show time!

How is linen made ?

At first , the fibers have to be naturally degraded from the plant. This is achieved through "retting". And then After retting , the stalks are ready for "scutching". This removes the woody portion of the stalks by crushing them between August and December.Then the fibres are "heckled",basically combed, out into long streams of natural material. The fibres will then be spun into yarns which can then be woven to creat a natural fabric  that we all know as linen.

Where can be used?

Linen can be used as textile raw materials to weave various cool linen and summer cloth, and can also be blended with cotton, wool, silk or chemical fibers. Linen crops can also be used as raw materials for chemical, medicine and paper making. It is a very popular fabric, which is widely used in leisure clothing and summer wear.

 Why do we wear Linen clothes?

At first , Linen clothes are characterized by warm winter and cool summer, breathable and comfortable,  environmental protection. As for the advantages of linen,it’s high strength and not easy to tear off.  It is resistant to mold, not susceptible to damp and mildew, and resistant to moth.

Secondly,Cotton is commonly used summer T-shirt fabrics, but if you are a special can’t stand the heat, and so easy to sweat ,linen clothing is the best choice of all kind of material clothes , because compared with other cotton, linen material has better moisture absorption, moisture and air permeability, antibacterial function, so the linen material clothing can reduce the body temperature.We can feel breathable cool even in hot summer.

Who to wear?

The material of linen gives us the feeling is partial kind.So mature female wears better. Those clothes made of cotton and linen has the characteristics of soft and elegant. Even trousers and narrow skirts will not cause a burden, and they are light and comfortable to wear. If they are combined with a clean version, they will have a slight sense of simplicity, and if they are combined with sex leisure items, they will be able to wear a relaxed and fashionable holiday style.

How to wash linen clothes?

Owing to the feature of Linen, When washing, it should be lighter than cotton fabric. Don’t use hard brush and rubbing to avoid fuzzing. Remember that do not wring after washing and use hot water to run colored fabrics.


 Linen has a simple and elegant temperament, like a pleasant breeze, with the most concise fashion vocabulary to interpret the poetic mood, is becoming the sun gorgeous, blooming season, most people want to touch the single product.


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