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Recommendations: The Styles I Love To Wear At Weekend

Recommendations: The Styles I Love To Wear At Weekend

The weekend is coming now! What are the most popular dressing styles for you and me?

Scene One:

  • No one can reject the charm of the weekends because it is the days that totally belong to yourself. I often go out for a walk or go shopping at my daytime while staying at home with my soap TV series at night. Need only a book on my chair, a cup of coffee or juice on my desk, I can enjoy myself for the tranquilness. The #elegant green silk dress makes my days to be more casual and easy.

Scene Two:

  • Going out for a weekend shopping can be very exciting! I would like to wear my #splicing lattice blue shirt and it always catches eyes in the street when I carrying my bread to my house. Moreover, the bright color just like my delighted mood. 

Scene Three:

  • Sometimes when I have a dating with the kids or my other friends, the #casual dark blue floral pants is simple and elegant enough for my dressing at that moment. Need not to consider what to be paired with the pants because even a plain shirts can be a good choice. It is very convenient when need to look after the kids!

Comfort and health are what I care about most. Before you look after the other people, you should love yourself at first. Loving yourself does not mean that you should buy luxury or very expensive products to decorate yourself. Choose the best ones but not the most expensive ones. Since today we are talking about the weekend wearings, you had better select the linen and cotton fabric dressings, which are comfortable and healthy enough for you and your family!

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