Mori Style

Recommend 7 Everyday Mori Styles Dressing

Recommend 7 Everyday Mori Styles Dressing

Mori style refers to the natural and comfortable styles while dressing in the loose casual cotton linen clothes. Most of the Mori style clothes are in warm colors, decorating with the wooden necklaces, lacing or embroidered items, show the attitudes of peace and satisfactions towards life.

  • Since floral retro style and the Mori style are always bring out the best in each other, the women black cotton embroidery dress, by going with the wooden necklace and a woven bag, the comprehensive dressing temperament is more likely to show the lady’s elegance.

  • The embroidery pagoda sleeve pleated white dress is another chic choice, especially the relatively shorter dress. Combining the loose casual style with the slight lovely feeling, no matter wearing the wooden necklace or the floral bag will be the best choice. It suits for the ladies who are willing to show her sexy legs and create a rather lovely appearance.

  • Regardless the lovely style, the easy and decent cotton linen shirts can be another chic style. The white collar shirt+ light blue ripped jeans, plus the floral bag or the gray canvas & leather bag, decorating with the vintage wooden necklace, and the comprehensive appearance is in a good condition.

  • The loose casual style should be one of the remarkable features of the Mori Style. The simple and stylish loose long dress can be your easy dressing choice. By going with the retro style necklace and loose big canvas or straw bag, it can easily highlight your tall figure.


  •  Always remember a small tip on your Mori style: Simple pure color and Retro floral style, you can choose one of them or combine them in your dressing to achieve the easy Mori Style.

Simple Long Dresses


Floral Dresses

  • Or the pin-striped dress that can show the features in whole.


Striped Dresses

Summer should be a time to beautify your appearance and your purify your heart. Mori style is a wonderful choice for you!

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