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SHOPPING GUIDES: Pants&Skirts On Office& At Home

SHOPPING GUIDES: Pants&Skirts On Office& At Home


When it comes to discussing what to wear in the office, the black pants or the striped skirts may be your easy choices. Those clothes are showing you are professional and your earnest attitude towards your work. Looking through the office, the general shirts on top and black on bottoms are the standard wearing. However, the suits are not that comfortable compared to the daily dressings. If you want to be more comfortable while keeping your professional image in your office, you can choose our loose casual long black pants. It is wide leg pants made of linen and cotton that you will feel soft when wearing it.

Another choice is to wear a dress in your office. The long skirts or the micro-leg pants with simple stripes can easily show your official and professional appearance while it will be more fashionable than the ordinary suit dress. You can pair it with the white lacing shirt.


It is nice staying at home after a daytime’s working. If you’d like to feel about the child’s energy, please put the pants on. The floral printing loose casual blue pants look so cute and the cotton materials will bring comfort and soft feeling to you. The design combined the young’s vitality with the retro paintings, it looks very special.

In your daily life, when you go out for a shopping or go to have a visit to your neighborhood and friends, you can take the blue pants below. With the chic hole and the embroidery bird patterns decorating on the jeans, the pants are simple and trended. Simply wear it and go out for a walk you will be one of the landscapes.

Linen and cotton dressing is one of the features of BUYKUD brand. The casual pocket loose gray skirt is good enough to be your daily wearing item in your wardrobe. Look at the hemlines and the special design of the white line on the waist, the pockets add the practical functions to the skirt.

No matter at office or home, you can treat yourself with the comfortable dressings, as long as you choose the suitable ones!

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