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HAIR STYLES: Two Ways To Style Double Braids (Shared)

HAIR STYLES: Two Ways To Style Double Braids (Shared)

I live in the countryside in an area that is known as “Apple Orchard County” in fact, so there’s been a lot of bloom watch this spring. When will the apple blossoms be out? What flowers are blooming in the woods (right now it’s bluebells and wild garlic)? So it’s only natural with all this blossom distraction that flowers would also find their way into my hairstyles! So here are two ways you can style a pretty flower crown this spring based on a couple of quick braids. If flower crowns aren’t your thing, ditch the flowers and just try out these double braided looks.

Step One: Start with brushed hair.

Step Two: Take a small section of hair from behind your ear. I like to take a section of hair that is sort of underneath and more hidden.

Step Three: Braid it out. Repeat on the other side of your head.

Step Four: Pancake your braids for a fuller look.

Step Five: One styling option is to pin your braids on top of your head. Tuck the ends underneath and pin in place with a few bobby pins.

Alternative styling technique: Pin your braids on the back of your head. Again tuck the ends underneath and pin in place with a few bobby pins. I like how this creates almost a little “peek-a-boo” braided look and it’s a perfect base for a Grecian style flower crown (that wraps around the back of your head) to sit on! You can also add the flower crown to the top braided look if you want as well; the braids help keep the crown in place and give you something to pin your crown to.

That’s it! Both braided styles are so quick and easy—definitely something you can pull off in less than five minutes, and if you want to kick it up a notch, just add a flower crown. I’ve been wearing my hair in both of these styles so much this spring and I love the subtle look of a half flower crown like this. When it is styled on the back of the head, it’s high impact from the back, but almost invisible from the front. Cheers, Rebecca 

Credits//Author, and Photography: Rebecca Stice. 
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