Dress in vintage style to return to the bygone eras. Be a vintage modern lady. Jumpsuits can be one of your choice.

STYLE: Be A Vintage Modern Lady

STYLE: Be A Vintage Modern Lady

First, let’s start a short vintage dressing journey to travel back to the past. Flapper dress, boyish new bob and bling bling accessories in 1920s; beret and A-line long dress - the wardrobe staple of 1930s; wide-leg trousers and the fashion icon: Audrey Hepburn in 1940s and 1970s’ punk and hippie style, etc..


                      1920sAudrey Hepburn


Vintage style is the respect of a certain element or phenomenon that was popular once in the old time. Do you sometimes think that you are a vintage lady lost in the modern time? Then you can just dress in vintage style to return to the bygone eras. Below are some vintage elements.

Retro Prints

Retro prints refer to the prints designers have used in the past time. For example, simple block prints from the 1780s, floral patterns in the 1820s. Retro prints can be elegant, fashion or fresh. Each style has its magical ability to show their appeal. Dress in these retro prints clothes to immense yourself in the memorable old days.


Jumpsuits with Retro Prints

Blue Jeans

Wearing blue jeans was once a necessity for women serving for war, and it into vogue in 1940s. It is a classic and timeless element in the fashion stage. Maybe the reason is that it represents a casual, comfortable and young style.


Denim Jumpsuits


Wide-leg Trousers

Are you still hesitating over trying a wide-leg trousers, which has become more and more popular in recent years? Just add it to shopping cart without hesitation because it was in fashion as early as 1940s.

Wide-leg trousers is casual, comfortable and more important is that its loose outline makes you look more concise and chic. It also helps to modify the leg type that is not perfect enough and enables you to look slimmer and slimmer.


Wide-leg Jumpsuits

The above is just a small part of vintage elements. Perhaps vintage style is the evocation of the nostalgic feelings. Always remember the past time and choose the good parts to follow.

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