Buykud's Tote Bag to Carry Everything

Recommendations: A Tote Bag to Carry Everything

Recommendations: A Tote Bag to Carry Everything

What will you put into your bag? Most of you will put wallet, cellphone, lipstick and some of you may take tissues, sunglasses or water for certain circumstances, or even laptop. So many things! You can’t carry all of them without a tote bag.

Tote bag is another name of bag that is with large capacity and two hand straps. It is usually a handbag, but sometime it is designed as a shoulder bag as well. That means you can carry with your hand or shoulder.

Here we choose a durable tote bag that can be as both a handbag and a shoulder bag for you.

  • There are 3 colors for you to choose. Choose the color that can go with most of your clothes or the color you don’t have. As for the interior of this bag, it has 3 pockets: 1 zipper pocket, 1 wallet pocket and 1 card pocket, which are quite convenient for object classification. Small objects can be found easily. And you can take it to almost every occasion: travelling, shopping, working, etc..

    Women Literature Casual Durable Tote BagItem Links:

    1. Color-1 (As the picture.)
    2. Color-2 (Beige)
    3. Color-3 (The one that model carry in the picture. Click the link at the picture.)

    Dare to fill your bag with more things? Maybe your tote bag can give you a perfect answer.

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