HEALTH: Tips On How To Avoid Catching A Cold In The Summer

HEALTH: Tips On How To Avoid Catching A Cold In The Summer

Hot summer is in full swing, and grocery store shelves are full of vitamin-rich vegetables and fruits. It seems we should feel good and healthy, but all of a sudden you’ve caught a cold. Actually, catching a cold in the summer is a thing. How can you avoid it?

The major reason for summer colds is the weak immune system. But, unlike winter season when our immune system gets weaker because of low temperatures, in the summer season our immune system suffers from the sun exposure (tan strikes the immune system too).

Here are some principles for you to avoid catching a cold in summer.

  1. Don't sit right under or in front of the working air conditioner

But sometimes we cannot avoid it. In some occasions, such as in your car, in the public hotels and restaurants or in your working office, etc. If can, you should turn down or turn off the air conditioner, or you can sit on the place far away from the air conditioner. In your office, it is suggested that you should prepare a coat for the lower temperature.

  1. Don’t eat too much fried and spicy food

It is easy to catch a sore throat if you eat too much fried food. If you don’t do something, it has a big chance to lead to quinsy. Drink more water can reduce the possibility of catching a cold.

  1. Don’t expose yourself directly to the burning sun

You can sit or stand under the parasol, wear sunblock and sunscreen shirt to avoid the sun exposure. In your daily dressings, you can choose the cotton, linen and silk clothes.  Linen tunics and dresses, linen shirts or blouses are really irreplaceable in summer when traveling or in hot and humid climate. They provide coolness and have high absorbency, more importantly, they possess good heat conductivity characteristics.

  1. Eat food sufficient with Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin by the body for the absorption calcium, immune functioning, and alleviation of inflammation. Fish and meat, milk and Yogurt and Tofu, etc contain a lot of vitamin D, you can eat every day to strengthen your immune functions.

A healthy lifestyle, a healthy summer; get away from catching a cold!

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