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DIY: DIY Hydrating Sheet Mask

DIY: DIY Hydrating Sheet Mask

A lady will care more about her face and the facial masks cannot be ignored. Today I would like to share you with the DIY Hydrating Sheet Mask for your daily facial caring. 
Here we go!

As we’ve gotten older, our interest in skincare has risen. We’re starting to see fine lines, so we’re doing everything in our power to keep them in check. Over the past year, we’ve been drawn to more natural skincare products. They’re gentler on the face and we feel better about putting them on our skin.

Sheet masks have to be the best thing to come out of the Korean beauty world. The sheet locks the serum into your skin so you see results faster and sometimes instantly. However—sheet masks can be pricey, sometimes costing upwards of $100! Yikes. We decided to try our hand at making our own masks at home. This way we can control what ingredients are in the mask and save some money!


–witch hazel
–rosehip oil
–the cotton sheet mask

Step One: First add 1/2 tbsp glycerin to a small mixing bowl.

Step Two: Next add 1/2 tbsp rosewater to your mixing bowl.

Step Three: Third add 1/4tbsp witch hazel to your bowl.

Step Four: Add three drops of rosehip seed oil to your mixing bowl.

Step Five: Add three drops of squalane to your bowl.

Step Six: Next, take your cotton sheet mask and drench it in the solution. Make sure it’s evenly soaked and let the excess drip off the mask.

Step Seven: Now place the sheet mask on your face and leave it on for at least 40 minutes. This ensures that you’re getting all the benefits from the skincare products.

These sheet masks are so hydrating, and you’ll feel instantly revived after one use! The rose smell is also very relaxing. So we recommend having a true spa night complete with candles and a good book. – Britta & Carli Garsow

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