What Kind of Plus Size Pants Do You Prefer Like

What Kind of Plus Size Pants Do You Prefer Like

What Kind of Plus Size Pants Do You Prefer Like

Here are three pieces of plus size pants for women below. Which one do you prefer?


The first one is wide leg pants. This pair of pants is made of cotton fabric, with an elastic waist. It hasn’t got any complicated patterns, however, the white cross stitch on the trouser leg adds a bit of specificity to the simplicity, so that it is not too boring. This is a casual wide-leg pants that can flatter your body well. The largest size is XL, fits for EU 46, US 16, UK 20, AU 20, NZ 20. You can wear casual tops and shoes, and the tops can be with patterns so that the whole look isn’t too simple. Shoes can be mules. Try not to wear boots, it seems too cumbersome.

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The second one is jumpsuit. Layer jumpsuit with a T-shirt is one of the most common way to make a simple style. No matter how long the length of sleeve you select, the key point you should note is that the match of the color and print of the jumpsuit and layer. You’d better not layer a colorful printed jumpsuit with a colorful printed T-shirt, unless they can be matched well. As for a plain colored jumpsuit, you can pair with a colorful or printed T-shirt. In that way, your whole look will be elevated.
The last one is harem pants. It is a piece of ankle-length pant. Latest popular yellow color, lattice pattern, large pockets, these designs are the most popular trends. It is made of linen and polyester, stretch fabric, can flatter your body from every angle. The largest size is XL/XXL, fit for EU 46 - 52, US 16 - 22, UK 20 - 26, AU 20 - 26, NZ 20 - 26.
These three kinds of pants are all well designed. Do you like them? For further information about plus size clothing, please visit our online store.



  • Love the denim pair!!!!!

    Shawna Comiskey em

  • none of these draw me as they bring attention to the size. I am most drawn to the smaller striped outfit as slimming and allowing the eye to move through the design rather than get stuck.

    dava em

  • I love you garments,as a plus size woman there doesn’t seem to be the choices. It appears that the sizes goes up to 18 where I am a 20-22. Your models are all small size so doesn’t give a true reflection of every woman especially a women of colour. I love your garments, my favourite material, I shall keep looking. Thank you for your time. Daisy-Mae Morrison.

    Daisy-Mae Morrison em

  • none

    riki em

  • I especially love the coveralls!!!

    lyn em

  • Chest pas serieux depuis un mois j,attends

    AlAttar. Jeanette em

  • I order skirt large from down couleur green order 5058

    AlAttar Jeanertte em

  • I prefer the first jeans

    sylvia konicar em

  • I prefer the first leans

    sylvia em

  • Love your jumpsuits I get so many compliments of people asking where i shop. I always tell them BUYKUD!!

    Leslie Stevens em

  • I would like to get American size XL or size 16 pants with elastic waist – no zipper

    Ljubica em

  • The middle one!

    Renee Rand em

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