Recommendations: Monday's Commuter Outfit

Recommendations: Monday's Commuter Outfit

Recommendations: Monday's Commuter Outfit

Weekend is coming to a close. Tomorrow is a new workday. Have you prepared your commuter outfit? Get some inspiration from the following look for a wonderful commute tomorrow.

This recommended outfit mixes a Pleated Light Blue Dress with a Versatile Black Bag, a Wooden Circle Necklace and a pair of Retro Handmade Leather Shoes, catching the work-outfit’s effortless and simple feature.

Monday's Commuter Outfit

  • Dress: Light blue is associated with tranquility, understanding and softness, which is quite suitable for calming down from a wonderful weekend. And this light blue dress fits the effortless style well.

  • Bag: As for the choice of bag, I think the key concern is its capacity. This black bag possesses with a large capacity which can put almost everything you need with you to work.

  • Necklace: The selected necklace is simple yet unique, which is a plus for your commuter outfit.

  • Shoes: A pair of comfortable yet not casual shoes is quite important for a commuter. This pair of Retro Handmade Leather Shoes can meet your commuting need.

Hope you have a wonderful workday tomorrow with this commuter outfit.

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