Women's Loose Cotton Linen Embroidered Gray Dress
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    • I have bought this dress & the label says 'Dry cleaning, No Machine Washing, WASH SEPARATELY' (the final in capital letters!) I have no intention of going to the expense of constantly dry cleaning a dress so can you tell me whether I can wash it or not, if not I'll send it back.

      Hello, 1.If the main material of your clothes are cotton and linen.normally we suggest you to wash by hand separately.
      If you want to wash it by laundry,please choose the soft mode to wash it and don't over time of 30 minutes.
      2.Please don't put the cotton linen clothes to immerse.you'd better to wash it in cold water;
      you also could put a spoon of salt in the cold water when you wash it first time.it would much better for you to keep the color of the clothes.
      3.Using the neutral laundry or specialized laundry fluid,like the Silk Hemp Detergent.
      4.Do not expose clothes to sunlight when the washing is finished.
      5.In order to keep the shape of the clothes.you'd better use a steam iron to iron it before you wear it.
      6.When you don't wear it,you could fold it up or hang it up after washing and put it in the cool and ventilate place.
      7.Please do not iron the cover or the plastic pattern of the clothes.
      Yours, Buykud



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