Currently, BUYKUD Team Are Shocked!

Currently, BUYKUD Team Are Shocked!

Currently, BUYKUD Team Are Shocked!

Recently, the Buykud team are shocked to find out that its rates on the Trustpilot are sooooo bad!

So what have we done in the past? What are the reasons for the terrible rates and negative comments?

We immediately formed a team to discuss the issue. We analyzed the comments and the ratings on Trustpilot, stood on the places of both Buykud and its customers, made using of the statistics and psychological theories in order to find out the reasons and the solutions. Eventually, we found some points on it.

Except for some unbelievable and unreasonable reviews like the angry statements, we can simply conclude the reviews for 3 reasons.

1. Your Customer Services Are Terrible!

Among the 170 one-star reviews, more than 60% are directly or indirectly related to the bad customer services. Protracted communication, no reply, uncertain results, ignore bad feedbacks, vague instructions and so on. As a customer myself, I can imagine that how angry I am if I have some troubles with the clothes but no one can provide the efficient bits of help!

As one of the operation team members, I cannot deny that you are right, and your directly feedbacks on our customer services problems will bring a huge influence on our brand management. That will be the first step for us to become a better Buykud.

We realize that there are still many shortcomings in the customer services system, we will adjust the management and strengthen the training of our customer service staff so that we can better serve our customers. Moreover, we will open multi-channels customer services platforms, such as the Facebook and the official website.

2. There Are Delivery Problems.

Generally speaking, the International logistics service will take longer time than the national logistics. We promise that we will send out the clothes as soon as possible as you snap up the items. In the future, we will set up the overseas warehouses or cooperate with a much speedy transport company to accelerate the logistics. Good moods that we hope you would in during the waiting time.

As for the high return cost, we will suggest our highness customers buying the freight insurance so as to reduce the losses.

More importantly, we will have clear instructions and concise descriptions of our clothes so that all of our customers can know our products better and purchase what you really love. By the way, we have precise sizes of the items on the shopping pages, customers can take a look at before your buying.

3. Worry About the Bad Reviews on Trustpilot.

That is what we are indeed worried about. But we think that our customers are smarter than us to know what are the facts. As we all know, the total reviews on Trustpilot are 250 now, while it just far less than 0.1% of our daily sales. It means that only an extremely small quantity of customers left their comments on the Trustpilot. The other 99.9% customers did not comment on our pages. Since we are so disturbed about the bad reviews on the Trustpilot, sincerely, I would like to ask you for a help: To write down your real feelings on shopping our clothes. Please! Spend a little time, you can save our team!

BUYKUD sticks on its objective all the time: To provide high-quality garment products to its customers. We are willing to improve our customer services, perfect our system and put more heart on our clothes designs to create a better new Buykud fashion brand for you!


  • I have so far purchased five items from BUYKUD. A dress, short pants, a medium-length skirt, a sweater dress and a spring coat. I have to say: EVERYTHING I have received has been EXACTLY like the photos online, all the pieces are well-constructed and beautiful, and I get compliments on all of the clothes. I tell people about BUYKUD so much I should get paid! 😉
    Seriously, I love these clothes; but you must know: generally, above size 8 most likely will not fit in any of these items. I am a 6/8 and everything just fits. The shipping time is long. But I realize it’s coming from halfway across the world and it will arrived when it arrives.

    In short, I’ve been very happy with this company.

    Jennifer Markey on

  • The first item I bought from Butkus was less than acceptable. The fabric was linen very nice but the seams came apart due to poor construction. Now I see you are trying hard to improve I will try ordering again. Thank you for your kind attention to the problems.

    Carol Huff on

  • Fine service and products.

    Eve Mari on

  • I also wanted to add i shall be leaving a great review on Trustpilot and mentioning your care, concern and action in taking note of the bad reviews. Not many shopping sites do that.

    Niai Scotney on

  • I have to admit i got very scared after id ordered and then read the reviews but my order arrived today and im so delighted im afraid i cried. I shall be ordereing again as your styles are me all over. Thank you so much Buykud.

    Niai Scotney on

  • A comparatively new customer – I have bought two dresses from you – and I must say I had no problems with delivery and I was pleased with the dresses. They fit well, are beautifully made from quality fabric and the colours are lovely. I will be buying more from you later.

    Vivienne Kidd on

  • Well I would say that you’re plan is working because I have been very pleased so far!

    Melissa Belz on

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